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Welcome To My Fan Site, I Hope You Like It, If you have and comments or suggestions, you can contact me on other forums, or diffrent sites listed on the navigation menu.

Featured News:

LOZ: TP - Fall 2006

This is one of those things that can only be described as somewhere between rumor and official confirmation. Last night Spike TV aired an interview with Reggie Fils-Aime who reportedly confirmed that Twilight Princess will not be released until Fall 2006. Zelda fanboys like me can deny this all they want saying that itís not truly an ďofficialĀEconfirmation by itís the closest thing to it and itís coming straight from Nintendoís executive vice president of sales and marketing.

So you might be stoked to hear that the game is gonna be polished and ready to roll, you might be devastated that you have to spend the next 9 months being tormented by the wait, or you might be indifferent. But really, who didnít see this coming? All the signs have pointed to it. And in the long run it will probably be a good thing for it considering it will have time to get even closer to perfection and it will be released during the holiday season.

Source: hyrule.net


The Focus on Black

I am sure many of you have noticed that I do have a fairly straight forward opinion towards Black, and thatís simply that I really want it. At a Price tag of only $40 and its release date drawing ever near I figure now would be a good time to post some of the opinions flying about. It would seem that as usual various other organizations have gained the title and had time to review and criticize it. While the title is said to play under 10 hours, it is also supposed to keep you on the edge of your seat the entire time, with constant gun fights of epic proportions and stunning visuals that take the game to a new level. Either way the game looks solid and I will be bringing you a full review come next week.

Source: BLACK


PS3 online service details + release date rumors

According to next-gen.biz
industry sources have indicated that PS3ís unified online service is to be named Playstation HUB and will offer services similar to Xbox Live, including chat, downloadable demos, independent games and online play. The PSP is also going to use HUB, much like the DS and Revolution are going to share the same online service. It is being described as a ďsubscriber serviceĀEmeaning there might be a monthly charge. Sonyís boss Howard Stringer wants all media content to be available through the service so it will become anĀEiTunes-like distribution networkĀE

The same sources are saying that Playstation 3 is scheduled for a September release date. In fact we are hearing things such as September 16 in Japan, and September 21 in US. Just keep in mind though that these are all rumors (apparently with a credible source, though) and Sony is expected to make official announcements soon.

Source: Next-Gen


Advent Children Limited Edition DVD Trailer

A "new" Advent Children trailer has surfaced, featuring English narration and officially done English subtitles.

While the trailer itself is taken from Advent Pieces [judging by the fact only a Japanese release date is mentioned], it appears as though this is the first time it has appeared online.

Please note, that the trailer does contain some spoilers!

Thank you to forum member B-Rad for the update.

Ľ Watch Trailer via YouTube


Dirge of Cerberus Official Site Revamp

The Official Dirge of Cerberus has now once again taken a huge Revamp splitting it into two sections, a Multiplayer Mode, and a Single Player Mode. The Single Player Download section has once again been updated, this time featuring an Official Dirge of Cerberus ScreenSaver rather then new wallpapers. The Multiplayer Mode leads to the DCFF7 Play Onine website.

Ľ Official DoC Website


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