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Kingdom Hearts II

Little is known of the story except that after collecting his memories in the Gameboy Advance Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories Sora will once again team up with Donald and Goofy but this time he dawns a black outfit and there seem to be many keyblade wielders. But will there be more than one Keyblade master?
According to Square Enix developer Tetsuya Nomura a major part of Kingdom Hearts II will be if Sora will ever get to see Riku or Kairi, so it seems that it is a quest to return to the Destiny Islands.

It also seems that the unknowns seen in the KH Deep Dive and ASAS videos has increased. There appears 5 at hallow bastien none resembling the ones in the two teaser videos.

And it seems as though another enemie has a reason and possibly Ansem has returned. Believed to be a red masked unknown. Although there is limited information at this time we will try to keep you updated.


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