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Legend Of Zelda: Wind Waker Characters



Link has been the mian character in every single Legend of Zelda since the very beginning of the series since the NES. It is customary on his island, Outset Island, that when when boys come of age, that they where a green Tunic, as did the great hero of legend of the events of Legend of Zelda: Ocarina. His sister is then captured by a one of the Dark Master, Ganon's, minions, which is a huge Griffin/Bird. Many years ago, when the Dark Master Ganon was released, they were all hoping that the hero of legend, Link, would come and banish the Evil Ganon back to the Dark Realm. But, to their dismay, the hero of time did not return to their aid. So, they had no alternative other than praying to the gods. So the gods then flooded the Earth and Hyrule was concealed under the waves to where Ganon was unable of reaching it. Now, a follower of the hero of time, Link, set out after his sister Aryll was captured and he had to leave his nice home in order rescue her. Special Info: He's *not* related to the Hero of Time.


Aryll is the younger sister of the boy, Link. In the beginning of the game, The Wind Waker, she is captured by one of Ganon's minions, a giant Griffin-like creature which swooped down from the sky on that fateful day, and took her to the Forsaken Fortress where Link first tried to rescue her. But, the same Griffin swooped down and took Link to Ganon and then tossed him far off into the ocean. She is then taken even further off into the game where Link continues to follow and try to rescue her from the dark and evil Ganon. She is a young and cute little girl with a very adorable and upbeat personality with a very positive outlook on life.

King of Red Lions

This, is Link's boat which takes him across the world after being thrown far off into the ocean. It knows a great deal about the ancient land of Hyrule, as well as the legendary hero of time, Link, which defeated Ganon 100 years ago in the events of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. He takes Link all over to every one of the Guardians--The Wind Guardian, Valoo; The Forest Guardian, The Great Deku Tree; and The Water Guardian, Jabu-Jabu to obtain the three Pearls from the Guardians. He is also a boat with the ability to speak with Link, but, Link must buy him a Sail in Windfall Island for 80 Rupees which he used to first get over to Dragon Roost. Link must obtain those Pearls to raise the Gods' Tower and brave the challenges and finally become a true hero like the legendary hero of time before him.


This rather elderly lady is young Link's own grandmother. They both love each other dearly, and are both devastated when Link has to set off to rescue his sister Aryll from the Evil Lord Ganon. She passes down the legendary Hylian Shield which was originally used by the great hero of time, Link, when he had defeated Ganon 100 years long since past.


This is the mysterious pirate that takes Link on the start of his epic adventure. She is very mysterious as she notices a triforce on the back of your shield and she is very surprised. In the game, she is one that you should watch out for as she will be surprisingly odd as her true identity is revealed. For more information on her, play the game or read the walkthrough. :)


Hmmm...Who could this be? Yeah, it is the boss of evil, the man who causes all of these fun adventures, the man who you want to defeat. I guess there is one good thing about him. He allows Nintendo to make a new adventure. :) Anyway, he is a Gerudo man, which one is born every 100 years from the Gerudo women clan. All he treasures is to be a despotic person. That is, he wants power! He will do anything to get all three triforce parts to rule the entire world and cause evil to come about in all directions. For now, he is probably the coolest boss battle in history, to find more out about him, read further into the guide...


Yep, this is the Tingle from Majora's Mask. Well, almost. He is probably an ancestor. He helps Link through his journey by allowing you to connect to the Gameboy Advance with a link and use special tricks Tingle can perform. Another large roll that he plays in The Wind Waker is the fact that he is the ONLY one who can decipher the triforce maps so that you can find the triforce pieces. Yea...it sounds cool, but trust me, it is not. You have to pay almost 400 rupees for each decipher! Man, what a rip off, but, yes, you have to do it. Not much more you can say about this freaky green man.







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