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Legend Of Zelda: Wind Waker Controls



U Up
D Down
R Right
L Left


A Put away weapon.
+Up Roll attack.
B Horizontal word attack.
+Up Vertical sword attack.
+Holding B Spin attack.
Y Use a selected weapon.
Z Use a selected weapon.
X Use a selected weapon.
Joystick+Up Run forward of jump when needed to.
L Target an object of intrest.
+A Jump attack, taking off 2 times damage.
+Joystick+BACK+A Backflip for dodging enemies.
+Joystick+L/R+A Side jump for dodging enemies.
C+U/D/L/R Freely moves your camera angle.
R Does various actions.
+With sword Takes out your shield.
+Near a box Pulls or pushes the box.
+No weapons out Crawling mode.

Combat strategy:
When you are approached by an enemy, use the L button to L-target the enemy. Now you have many options. I would try pressing A for the jump attack as it takes off two times the damage a regular sword attack would take off. Also, when L-targeting, press back+A or left/right+A to do backflips and side jumps. These are the best ways in dodging attacks. I find the side jump method helpful when fighting the first boss, Gohma.

Also, when you encounter the Chu Chu jelly enemies, think about doing a spin attack. You can do this by holding down B while standing in place. This will charge up for a spin and take off two times the damage a regular sword attack.

The Parry:
As you fight many enemies throughout the entire game, you will notice that your A button will flash and a rumble will occur on the controller. Well, this is something you should really watch out for. It allows you to do a sort of special attack, the Parry moves. These are not only moves that dodge the enemies attacks, but you also attack them! Not that is something you should consider. I find this most helpful when fighting the armos knights. When they are about to attack you, watch for the flash of the A button and quickly press it to either roll attack or jump attack. They both look really neat and are very helpful. Remember that you can use this on any enemy or boss.








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